quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2015

Lembranças Eternas

The view from my window was full of green: Pine trees, a pretty backyard, flowers all over. I remember the smell of nature and when they would mow the lawn. How beautiful it was to watch the sunrise, the sunset and to stare at those Pine trees, The ones that would make everything seems easier, calmer and more natural.
All the parks, mountains and landscapes were filled with Pine trees. They were so green, so remarkable, so pretty.
All the trees would change according to the season: if it was Spring the roses would appear, if it was Fall, the leaves would turn yellow and color the ground. If it was Winter, oh Winter! All the trees would be dry and the branches would change the leaves for the snow.
Oh, how much I miss the Pine trees and everything that came with it.
My dream can be over, but now I can have this green forever with me.
Eu posso até ter saído do intercâmbio, mas o intercâmbio não saiu e nunca sairá de mim.

Beeijos! :*

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